Why I started a blog?

Ever since I started Instagram I have always followed many bloggers and fashionistas like ThriftsandThreads, Paudictado, and more. Recently my friend Liz (lizzzchizzz) started a blog and convinced me to join and start my very own. I love anything having to do with new places and fashion trends, and I want to channel my favorite places and trends with anyone with the same interests and tastes. I really hope you all enjoy everything I have to share.



On the top you will find the menu with the categories that you can choose to read.

In each category you will find the following:

  • Fashion: fashion inspirations, lookbooks, and more
  • Food & Drink: new restaurants or coffee shops that I have tried
  • Lifestyle: everything else you will find here (events I attend, tips, hacks & more)
  • Travel: any new location I go to (example: museums, cities, & more)
  • About: read a short summary about me and my life
  • Gallery: click under About and it will give you the option to click on my gallery of some of my favorite pictures
  • Contact: for any questions, concerns or suggestions this is the place to go

I would love to hear from you all! So make sure to like and comment on any post. Your feedback is highly appreciated ❤