Hello Everyone,
My name is Mercy Flores and I started my blog to share with you all my love for food, fashion, and photography. I am 21 years old and I live in Perris, CA. Where is that you ask? Well to be more precise, it’s an hour & 20 min from Downtown San Diego and an hour from Orange County (average time); so right in the middle of the two big cities. I usually spend my free time in Orange County and Los Angeles County exploring new restaurants and museums when I am not working or at school. I am a third year student at CSUSB majoring in mathematics and minoring in biology. And when I’m not burying my face in books stu-DYING, I work as a licensed barber. My life is pretty busy most of the time but whenever I get the chance I go out and explore as much as I can. I love meeting new people so I really hope I get to know each and every one you! Thanks for following ❤